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Fancy Dress Right Here in Watford

Fancy Dress, Costumes, Party Accessories and Decorations from a physical business based in Watford.

This site was set up to pilot some online trading ideas. Our business has moved on, but have left the site online but dormant.
You can not buy anything from this site. To be clear. We are in Watford. We do not pretend to be elsewhere.
We do not pretend to be based in Apsley or Hemel Hempstead, or even Wembley Harrow Uxbridge or London.
We are a physical business. We have an online presence but our business is face to face with you the customer.

We all buy on line but, to be honest, we have found it is a challenging market. Cheap imports, high postage costs, expensive returns, online fraud and no matter what you sell for there is someone operating out of their spare room prepared to sell for a little less each time which can make it uneconomic for a small business to operate effectively.
Some years ago we decided to focus on selling and hiring direct to customers face to face. That is where we believe our strengths are. You can come into our shop right here in Watford and buy quality costumes, you can hire fantastic outfits at our Watford shop, OR you could perhaps go online and buy from someone that pretends to operate a fancy dress shop in Watford.

If you are asking yourself, can I buy fancy dress costumes, can I hire fancy dress costumes, can I buy party accessories and decorations in Watford the answer is simply YES YOU CAN. Come and visit us and take a look for yourself. We always have a great range of costumes, accessories, make up etc available to buy or hire. And you can try most of them on (something many retailers will not let you do) Oh and we have free parking too.
Between us we have over 100 years experience in the fancy dress business, we have dressed film stars, rock stars, politicians, and the innevitable z list celebrities and our hire costumes have appeared on many TV shows including Big Brother and Come Dine with Me, we have supplied costumes to stage shows and our costumes have appeared in adverts and events.
No matter what you're budget we will be able to help.

And all this is by dealing openly and directly with our customers and without pretending that we are somewhere we are not.
Did we mention we are in Watford? Not every business that claims to be is.

This website's origins date back to the early days of the internet and we have had many different websites over the last 20 years.
Each has developed from those that went before. Anyone that is reading this has probably worked out that this is a dormant website that has not been actively maintained for about 5 years. The content predates that by perhaps 5 years and the content predates that from pre-existing websites that we have developed. The content of our website is our own and developed (or slowly evolved if you prefer) over a very long time. We couldn't tell you where the original ideas came from or why. Inspiration would have been from many places, from trade suppliers, from online articles, perhaps even other websites. Each page presented in the best way we could. We all know that imitation is a common issue on line and it happens all the time. It is also the best form of flattery. It is mildly irritating sometimes but it's perhaps more irritating to be accused of plagiarism by someone else when you know that nothing has ever been published on your website that was knowingly copied from elsewhere.
So we would like to dedicate this page to any paranoid website owner out there. We don't feel the need to pretend to be something we are not. There is no need to imitate us or pretend you are us, you don't even need to pretend to be a fancy dress business in Watford. If anyone wants to use the content of this particular page on their own website then that is fine by us. Please do not copy pictures and words that have been provided by our suppliers, they own the copyright to them. But any other verbage that we have provided you can have with our blessing. We can't promise you that it isn't similar to any other pages that are out there on the internet, afterall there are zillions of web site frequently saying the same things but as far as we are concerned you can copy our content. If some paranoid website owner accuses you of plagarism then we apologise now, we can't help you. In the past we have had our photos copied across the globe, we've even had our hire costumes photos used (without our permission) on a Japanese website. That's the internet for you. We all use it and that's what happens. It's actually quite amusing to see a photgraph of yourself dressed as a superhero on a japanese website...I think they were suggesting it was more fatman than batman though...